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Adriano Etc is a contemporary slab serif typeface inspired by the original 1934 Olivetti logo. When Adriano Olivetti took the reins of the typewriter company from his father Camillo, he commissioned Bauhaus artist Xanti Schawinsky to draw the logo, outlining and setting the new art direction for the company. The typeface project evolved from that initial inspiration. After long studies of the slab-serif typographic genre, we merged all the different subgroups of this vast family of styles such as Antique, Ionic, Egyptian, Clarendon, Typewriter, Italienne, Teutonic, Tuscan, Geometric, etc., into one definitive “pan-slab-serif” focusing on the low contrast and large flat slab serifs. We infused also some "Geometric Universal" Bauhaus features in reference and ode to the original Olivetti logo. The result is this contemporary reinterpretation of the slab serif galaxy into a concise compilation of details, handpicked and selected from the many different genres and subgenres of this undefinable typographic universe.

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